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We are
 artificial intelligence 
at U of T.

The Toronto region is home to the highest concentration of AI startups in the world


We bring together University of Toronto undergraduate students across all backgrounds.
About Us

About Us

We are a group of passionate undergraduates interested in artificial intelligence.


Our members come from diverse academic backgrounds, including Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Business, Cognitive Science, Biology, Neuroscience, and more.


Our Mission

Through a variety of initiatives, including educational programs, competitions, guest lectures, and conferences, we help UofT students get involved in the growing field of Artificial Intelligence. Our club’s activities introduce our members to an assortment of topics within the field, familiarise them with cutting-edge research, and connect them with a range of career opportunities available in today’s workforce.

Our Values

  1. Expand Access to AI

  2. Emphasize AI for Social Good

  3. Empower Undergraduate Researchers

What We Do

What We Do

An Undergraduate Research Competition

Machine Learning is powerful. We’ve designed this initiative to focus this power on tackling important issues. ProjectX is a five-month long machine learning research competition hosted by the University of Toronto involving undergraduate students from all across North America. With 20+ universities participating and multiple big-name industry partners, this is our biggest project yet! It's ProjectX.

Check out the 2021 winning submissions from Cornell University, the University of Toronto, and the University of Michigan.

Want to get involved?

Image by National Cancer Institute
A Simulated Reality Conference

The UofT AI conference will be a two day event, gathering together the brightest minds in artificial intelligence. The goal for this initiative is to inspire the next generation of leaders in this field and to kick-start the conversation about using machine learning as a force for good. Our next conference takes place Jan 21st to 22nd, 2023.

View UofTAI Conference 2023

An Introductory ML Educational Program

There are hundreds of undergraduate students at the University of Toronto who are eager to learn how they can use machine learning to find meaningful solutions to complex problems. Our LearnAI program aims to satisfy this demand.

LearnAI offers a different approach from the standard undergraduate curriculum - through a carefully balanced combination of theory and practice, we equip our students with the knowledge and problem-solving skills necessary in the modern workforce.


Applications for 2022-2023 are closed.

View LearnAI 2022

Meet the Directors

Meet the Team

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Contact Us

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